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3 walls onto neighbouring properties and only on open wall led to this unusual solution.

The open wall was totally glazed and the gable to the opposite wall was also glazed, living rooms are on the top level with bedrooms at ground floor level.

The bedrooms are lit by borrowed light.

The construction is insulated timber frame with air source under floor heating and with full heat recovery ventilation.

The Original Barn

KDA Drawing

The Converted Barn

KDA Drawing

The Completed Conversion

The Bedroom showing the Borrowed Light in the ceiling.

Loss of habitat for birds and bats also informed the design of the carport in a neighbouring garden.


Did you know that the bat populations had decreased significantly in the last century?

There are 17 species of bats in Britain and the move towards ultra sealing buildings to reduce carbon emmissions will also prevent these   rare and protected species from roosting breeding and hibernating.

Part of KDA's Sustainability Plan is to introduce, with the clients permission, habitats for bats and birds