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What is Retrofitting?

Contrary to popular belief, buildings don't last forever. Even with good maintenance, a building will only last about 50 years without a major refurbishment.


The current and future cost of energy is driving building standards and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are now required when you buy and sell a dwelling. Many clients are now wanting to upgrade their homes to save on energy bills and simply because they are now environmentally aware and want to do their part in saving the planet.

KDA have now undertaken 4 "Super Retrofits" in the past 3 years, including Keith's own house which is available to view.

Retro or Super-Retro?

A "Super Retrofit" is an attempt to bring  an old property right up to date. We change our home from an EPC of mid range "F" to a top range "B" but the more you do the more it costs. The answer to the question is "Do what you can afford" but do something as almost all steps to improve energy consumption will have a payback in terms of lower bills.

We can show you examples and help you to chose what you want or need to do.

The government initiatives "The Green Deal", Feed in Tariffs" and "The Renewable Heat Incentive" will help you will capital costs and or the repayment of loans for the improvements.

KDA can advise you on your best options.



Drawings of a 1960s bungalow in Somerset but look at the photos below to see how it changed.




Retrofitted 1960s Bungalow

A example of a "Super Retrofit".

As seen on

Britain's Empty Homes on BBC 1. in October 2012 and Britain's Empty Homes Revisited on 20th February 2013 showing the completed project. View Video