Architects and Surveyors


KDA have been helping "Self Builders" since the mid 1970s.

Our experience has lead us to provide bespoke services to suit all clients.

The level of service is dependent on the expertise of the client and the client's requirements for supervision.

KDA can provide the full service in accordance with the R.I.B.A. Scheme of Work bur in reality we have found that clients' prefer us to take the designs through Planning and Building Regulations and then to provide site visits that will enable us to issue a certificate that satisfies the "Mortgage Lenders Association" in case of re-sale within 12 years.

Architects Certificates or NHBC?

Mass builders such as Taylor Wimpey or Persimmon, are members of the NHBC which mortgage lenders rely on to provide a 12 year guarantee. Self builders and small volume builders do not usually join the NHBC as the initial payment plus the cost per unit makes this an expensive option.

We carry out 7 inspections at set times during construction and we issue an Architects Certificate on completion of the project that will satisfy the lenders of any future purchases of the house.

This is a fixed payment fee to help you budget



If you are building for yourself and you want an ordinary house, save yourself the trouble and buy a mass produced dwelling. Learn from Grand Designs and make the house YOURS!